Elizabeth Anne began painting as an expression of her feelings from deep within. Each painting is "felt" before it comes into creation, and upon putting brush to canvas, the picture is born.
All paintings are acrylic on canvas, sealed with a clear varnish to protect the painting.
If you're looking to expand your art collection, start with an "Elizabeth Anne".

Picture of Elizabeth Anne
"If you look deep within the painting, you can feel the emotion which created it. They will speak to you on whatever level you feel them." ~ Elizabeth Anne
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Painting: Glass Houses
"Glass Houses"
Painting: The Doorway
"The Doorway"
Painting: Protection
Painting: Outer Space
"Outer Space"
Painting: Masquerade
Painting: Ernie's Heart
"Ernie's Heart"
Painting: FREE Yourself
"FREE Yourself"
Painting: Birth
Painting: Outta This World
"Outta This World"
Painting: Livin' In LA
"Livin' In LA"
Painting: Juxtaposed
Painting: Freedom Flowers
"Freedom Flowers"
Painting: Dream
Painting: Clouds
Painting: It's A Party!
"It's A Party!"
Painting: Inner Gift
"Inner Gift" (SOLD)
Painting: Love Is Forever
"Love Is Forever"
Painting: Hypnotic
"Hypnotic" (SOLD)
Painting: The Path
"The Path" (SOLD)
Painting: 3 Year Celebration
"Celebration" (SOLD)
Painting: Wasted Canvas
"Wasted Canvas" (SOLD)
Painting: Crossroads
"Crossroads" (SOLD)
Painting: Soul
"Soul" (SOLD)